I’m a recovering violist who became a violinist who began studying medicine but who was always a creative writer and who took three years to learn all about anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, cross-sectional imaging, and ultrasound physics.

this was after i was in a religious “cult lite” where i was married to someone who fortunately was very kind and a great father and with whom i had two extraordinary kids, now adult world-changers.

always had cats. always believed in kindness. agnostic buddhist. subversive. taken a recent turn into the world of pain and disability and humbled by all i’ve learned and the caring of my friends and colleagues.

love foreign languages. laughter is medicine. “there are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats” – albert schweitzer. “i think people like chubby 71-year-old girls.” – beverly sills. #WordNerd. @comalliwrites on Twitter. come visit.

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medical editor & writer ** patient educator ** medical knowledgist ** violinist